people always let me down

hey go in my ask box and tell me if you think i’m a joke

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how I feel

how I feel

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im so tired and i think i have homework to do or something but i just wanna kiss someone and play silent hill

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got some good jackets for cheap at the thrift store today

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made in my ghostly image

made in my ghostly image

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why what happened?

the album cover for the kick inside + she wore a lot of kimonos during that era

what she wore for this performance of “egypt”

possible appropriation of aboriginal motifs and apparel in the dreaming

plus the bindi…. i think that’s it but idk i’m not going super in depth with it

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lets be real though this isnt the first time kate bush has been problematic/appropriativeĀ 

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i’m very :-) about kate bush performing again but

i’m so very :-/ about her wearing what looks to be a bindi

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Oh Kate!

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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say that your attitude makes me happy B^)

hehe thank you!!! i’m glad u are enjoying it

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