i was feeling sad and lonely for a little and then i found strawberry gelato in the freezer 👀

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do you ever wonder how people describe you to other people who don’t know you

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Fender® [Guitars]‏@Fender

.@Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien visits Fender!


. guitarist Ed O’Brien visits Fender!

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my new album “FED” is now available to download!

this album is about heartbreak, insecurity and keeping on in trying times. its very personal and my first full album release. a true labor of love (or lack of) and something i’m very proud of.

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why/how am i still single. the universe in an enigma

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here’s a thing i made last night

u guys remember this

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maybe i should just buy one……. Whatever

maybe i should just buy one……. Whatever

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oieur replied to your photoset “i hate adidas these are both so expensive”

these are both so you

thank you!!!!! i thought so too hehe

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i hate adidas these are both so expensive

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im watching this really bad movie and the main character put on a gay porn called ASSMAN REIGNS: The Hard Night

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boys are strange and hard to understand

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“they are caught up in a future that does not exist”
- Thom Yorke on twitter

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just here with my dog ready to rule the world

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Ken Lum


Ken Lum

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